Bow Hunting

Bandur Safaris is a world-class outfitter that offers our bow hunters unique opportunities in exclusive bow hunting areas.  We make use of pit blinds around naturally occurring waterholes where you can wait for your top trophy and experience the beauty of the Wildlife Africa has to over.

Bandur Safaris Bow Hunting

The blinds range within 30 yards and less.  Bow hunting is much more than just making the kill and getting your prize trophy – it is all about the experience that only Africa can offer you. 

Bandur also specialises in walk and stalk with the bow and over the years this became more popular and so far we had great success, what and incredible experience to get that close to some of the most powerful animals and to patiently wait for the perfect shot.

Bandur Safaris Bow Hunting

Bow Hunters do not require a temporary import permit for their bow/s into South Africa, BUT do however require a USA Customs Declaration 4457 form for their Bow/s.


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