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Bandur Hunting Safaris was established in 1985 and is a Huntlink Endorsed Outfitter. Pieter & Ellouise Slabbert, along with their two sons, will be your hosts and look very forward to hosting you soon.

Trophy Hunting Destination - South Africa

Allday is a small village in the Limpopo province of South Africa that serves a large private game area and trophy hunting farms. Allday has an airfield for light aircraft traffic. Arrival & Departure points is at the Polokwane International Airport.

Bandur Hunting Safaris offers those seeking memorable game viewing opportunities and magical African evenings under the stars for total relaxation.

The Blouberg, which translates to “blue mountain”, is a popular  & most spectacular rock climbing destination and offers hikers the opportunity to view the 350m Moonshadow wall. Another main attraction that Allday offers birding enthusiasts is a wide variety of bird species.

Some more noteworthy features in Allday are the Baobab at Bakleikraal, which is 21m in circumference, and a Nyala tree that covers a surface of 100 m².

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Customer Reviews

Very professional, my wife, son and I have never been treated as well as we were at Bandur. Recommend to anyone who wants to have a great safari.
I recall my last hunt with you. We came across a fresh leopard kill and from his tracks the guide said was a very large cat. He then left me with my tracker and said be vigilant this cat would eat me. Don't get that type of excitment hunting in Tennessee.
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