Since 1985

Bandur was introduced to the world since 1985 where Pieter Slabbert Snr & Petro Slabbert bought this beautiful property called Bandur. 

Back in the days Bandur was called Durban and was were all the local mail was send, into the area, but because of the city in Kwa-Zulu Natal called Durban the mail got mixed up, and it was decided to swap the first part of  Dur –ban to Ban –dur and that’s were Bandur’s name were born. 

Bandur Hunting Safaris
Bandur Safaris

Pieter Slabbert Snr started buying small pieces of land and today Bandur is 26 000 acres privately owned.   Pieter & Petro Slabbert had a great love for the African Bush and wildlife and they imparted this love to their six children.

Pieter Slabbert Jnr. step in his father footprints and started marketing abroad for the international guests since 2005 and started Bandur Hunting Safaris. 

Pieter Slabbert jnr. have an incredible passion for the bush and wildlife and was gifted by God with ability to understand the African bush and tracks.  Pieter took his first client out on Bandur at the age of 12 years old and harvested a 53” Kudu bull.

Bandur created a reputation through the years as being one of the few areas that is hunted on foot.   We take great pride in the trophies that we harvest, we treat the bush with respect, striving towards conservation and protection.

Today we can proudly say we have achieved the ultimate goal of creating arguably the finest safari experience in not only South Africa, but have expanded our operations to include Botswana, Zambia, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

It was with great sadness that the old Lion Pieter Slabbert Snr passed away in May 2022, and will be dearly missed.  His six beloved children is the trustees of this beautiful Bush veld paradise that was so dear to his heart.


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