Why Hunt with Bandur Safaris

Bandur Hunting Safaris is one of the Top Hunting Company’s in Africa. Our review speaks for itself, with a repeat hunting safari bookings of over 70%.

We are committed to provide our clients with an experience of a life-time at Bandur Hunting Safaris, our goal is to ensure you have the most memorable hunting experience along with the trophy of your dreams.

Bandur Safaris Zebra

Since 1985

Southern Africa

We take great pride in the trophies that we harvest, we treat the bush with respect, striving towards conservation and protection. It’s not just about the Hunting but the over-all experience it’s about bringing friends and family together.

With the diversity of wildlife and huge hunting areas all over Southern Africa and highly experienced professional hunters, we are able to offer the best Big 5, Plains game and Bow hunting Safaris.

Over the years Bandur build up a client base from all over the World.

Bandur is a family owned company that is providing some of the best lodging, site-tours and activities to make sure the hunter and non-hunter have an experience of a lifetime.  We cater for every individual booking.

What makes Bandur Different?  The first thing that makes Bandur different from other Hunting Outfitter’s is the incredible Tracking Skills and over-all knowledge of the African Bush our Professional Hunters and trackers have.

Secondly it that we take pride in Hunting on foot and fair chase and this create and unforgettable experience that our clients will cherish forever.

Bandur is also set apart because of the amount of privately owned land and the Top quality diversity of wildlife within.  We minimize your traveling time to optimize your hunting time and experience.

Bandur is without a doubt still as wild as Africa gets.  

The philosophy of our art


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