No vaccinations is needed to enter South Africa no Covid test is also required to enter South Africa. South Africa have areas that is Malaria areas.  

Our Base camp Bandur is on the border of a Malaria area, we have seen very few Malaria cases, but it’s up to you to decide if you need to take the Malaria medication or not Bandur will not be held responsible for this decision. 

Bandur Hunting Safaris

However when traveling to Kruger National park it falls into a Malaria area.  Traveling to Botswana and Zimbabwe and specific areas in Namibia we will advise you to take the Malaria Medication.  Botswana and Zimbabwe request Covid test if not vaccinated.

Information provided was correct at time of publishing.  It remains the responsibility of the client to verify information directly with the airline and relative authorities well in advance.

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